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Christine Brown, Lynnwood, WA

“Jade….I wanted to say thank you for such an eye opening session yesterday. You’ve helped me see things so differently and I will continue to love on me and see myself as important so that I can be a better person for myself and for those I love.

I’m looking forward to next month’s session.

Warm Regards,

Johnathan - Divine Mind InstituteJohnathan Standridge, SeaTac, WA

“I am deeply grateful to Jade for the help she has given me. I have fought depression and my weight for most of my life but I have now turned the corner in getting my life back. The NLP and Hypnosis sessions with Jade not only produced new insights into myself but also insights into events in my past that affected many years afterward. These new insights and new ways to view old events have had a positive change on how I react to the world around me and to myself.

The sessions with Jade were relaxed and comfortable, but the results were tremendous, and my quality of life continues to improve.

I had always been skeptical about Hypnosis and I knew very little about NLP, but I can now say from personal experience…it works!

I will always be grateful to Jade for helping me after so many failures with others. Her compassionate, insightful approach to her work and her clients elevates her to the top of her field.”


Follow Up…


I wanted to share my progress with you.


Ever since I have started to focus on a Principle centered life and using the anchoring techniques to you taught me I have made progress in getting my food addiction under control.  It also has helped to identify the thing I was addicted to…..wheat / gluten.


I have taken wheat out of my diet and since I am no longer a pleasure focused individual I can keep that addiction in its proper place.  It seems I can even walk into a coffee shop now and ignore the pastries which is something I could never do before.


Thank you for being such a vital part of this journey.  You are deeply appreciated.





Shelley - Divine Mind InstituteShelley Kennedy Sharpe – United Airline Fight Attendant

Hi Jade… Want to thank you for your help with recent heart scare. Doctors were sure that I had a small nickel sized spot that was not beating with the rest of the heart . They decided to go in through the femoral artery to see…. when the Dr got into site not only was there no dead spot but I did not even have any plaque. To me this was proof of a healing since I am a 59 year old, overweight woman. It was pretty much a shock to the Dr. Thanks for your help and your dedication to helping…  I know you will continue to do powerful work.

With love and gratitude…

Norma Jean - Divine Mind InstituteNorma Jean Bosma, Sibley, Iowa

Jade… is insightful, she demonstrates competency and ethical intentions while serving in a professional capacity.  I trusted her … I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.