Free From Smoking

Wouldn’t You Like to Be Free From Smoking?

Free From Smoking - Divine Mind InstituteEveryone understands that smoking is a bad habit, one that makes you dependent both physically and psychologically.

It’s unbelievable how many Americans smoke, how many have quit – only to start again, and how many would like to quit.

For those of us who don’t smoke, we wonder what it is that is so enticing about a cigarette, why don’t smokers just quit?

Even though you may want to, you can’t just quit!

Smoking has been called a stubborn habit, one that can be very difficult to overcome, but when you understand the benefits of quitting, you should be inspired to give it your best effort.

Benefits of Quitting

  • The top benefit is better health…
    • No more smokers cough
    • Lower risk of emphysema or lung cancer
    • Lower risk for cardiovascular disease
    • Lower cholesterol by eliminating nicotine
    • Better oxygen intake
    • Less risk of coronary thrombosis
    • Lowered risk of bladder cancer, cervical cancer, kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer
    • Improves high blood pressure

I would say these benefits alone are worth quitting, but there are others…

  • More money in your pocket. Cigarettes are expensive, Depending on how much you smoke, if you quit you could save a few thousand dollars a year.
  • No more smell…you won’t leave a trail of stale smoke wherever you go.
  • More time. You won’t have to spend all your free moments running outside to have a smoke break, you can actually spend your time being productive or building relationships.
  • No more smokers’ breath or yellow teeth.
  • Healthier looking skin and appearance.

Hypnosis Makes Quitting Possible

Free Yourself From Smoking - Divine Mind InstituteWhether this is the first, the third or the tenth time you’ve tried to quit smoking, it can be your last, it can be for real.

When you are addicted or dependent upon something, especially nicotine, you lose a certain amount of control over your own life.

Using the time tested and proven techniques of NLP and Hypnosis can put you back in control. Your sub conscious is a powerful tool, and once you tap into its power and understand why you do what you do, you will be able to quit smoking or any other undesirable habits you may want to overcome.

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